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Beautifully located on Levangsheia, right next to the great ocean, you will find the magnificent nature-area Stangnes.

The property was by the end of the 1960s bought by the state and municipality to serve as a recreational area. In between the polished rocks and the soil patches, stands a small two storey house. It was built by the  end of the 1870s, and was a home for fishermen for many many years. Today, the Kragerø Tourism Association disposes this property. During the summer season the small house is open every Sunday and the Tourism Association provides coffee and freshly made Norwegian waffles.Welcome! 

On the road to Portør, Portørveien, there will be a sign that shows the driveway to Stangnes. At the end of the road and where the trail starts there is a parking lot.The trail from the parking lot to Stangnes is short and easy to walk, so there should be no problem in reaching this idyllic seaside destination. In other words, Stangnes is only accessible by foot or bike, which helps to secure the tranquility of this gorgeous area.

A great place the whole year! Stangnes is an exiting place to visit, ​not just in the summertime, but the whole year you can enjoy this beautiful landscape by the coast and be astoniched of the power of nature, while listening to the waves rolling in and crashing against the shore. Pack a lunch, a thermos of coffee, warm clothes, good hiking shoes and a windproof jacket!

Geopark/ Jomfruland National Park
In 2005, Stangnes became a part of the European Geo Park. The polished rocks on Stangnes is extremely old, more than 1,5 billion years and considered the bedrock of prehistoric era on earth. Stangnes is also a part of the Jomfruland National Park


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Tel: 35 98 62 00

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Portør Pensjonat, KragerøYou have to experience Portør! Here you can stay at the Portør Pensjonat with idyllic surroundings right beside the open sea. Enjoy delicious food and drink, pleasant summer evenings and concerts with great artists in our lovely garden.

Levangsheia, KragerøLevangsheia is a natural paradise for all ages. Here you will find lush forests with calm ponds and freshwater, historic and cultural buildings and areas, as well as some of the perhaps finest archipelago in the entire district.

Kragerø Trekking Association, KragerøKragerø Trekking Association was founded in 1946. The objective is to get as many as possible out in the nature. The association has two houses: Stangnes (directly to the open sea) and  the Turistcabin on Jambakkmyra (in the forest)

Portør, KragerøOn its own little "peninsula" on Levangshalvøya lies scenic and idyllic Portør. Out here everything is situated for great experiences in a wonderful natural landscape, all year round.