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Tollboden Restaurant


P.A. Heuchsgt. 4, 3770, Kragerø

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Tollboden Restaurant is idyllically located on the waterfront in the center of Kragerø. Tollboden has a passion for food and wine, which is reflected in the menu that varies with the seasons and is always based on high-quality ingredients.

At Tollboden, handpicked wine is stored under perfect conditions: in a cold, dark, and slightly humid cellar with constant temperature.

Eperience Tollboden all year round

In the summer, you can enjoy the southern ambiance at Tollboden Restaurant. There is a large outdoor seating area in charming surroundings, right by the pier. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better summer atmosphere, but it's also a great experience to visit Tollboden restaurant all year round. When autumn arrives, the restaurant moves into cozy, warm premises, and if you're planning a Christmas party it's lovely to enjoy a delicious meal while the fire warms and creates a cozy Christmas atmosphere in the fireplace.


The buildings of Tollboden 

Tollboden har a long and interesting history, The main building was built around 1783-85. The other buildings wer added somewhere between 1785 and 1822. The property was privately owned up until the Ministry of Finance, Trade, and Customs bought it in 1820. After that, it functioned as a customs station until its closure in 1992. Today's restaurant business was established in the late nineties. In 2016, outdoor seating was opened in Tollboden Bakhagen, and Tollboden Hotel have opened in 2018.


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Tel: 35 98 90 90

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