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Sea Trout Fishing in Kragerø - all year round!


3770, Kragerø

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  • Sea Trout Fishing in Winter
  • Sea Trout Fishing the whole year round!
  • Sea Trout
  • Sea Trout Fishing along the coast of Kragerø
  • Ole Martin Gilbu (Fiskejegeren) an experienced guide in Sea trout Fishing
  • Sea Trout Fishing along the coast of Kragerø can offer great experiences all year round.
  • Sea Trout Fishing in Kragerø
  • Sea bass
  • Ole Martin Gilbu (Fiskejegeren) an experienced guide in Sea trout Fishing
  • Fishing is also fun for kids!

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Sea Trout Fishing along the coast of Kragerø can offer great experiences all year round.

Whether you walk along rocks, beaches, or try your luck fishing from a boat out in the skerries. There are many exciting fishing spots lurking here.

All seasons have their charm along the coast of Kragerø. In the different seasons, Sea Trout fishing changes, but by choosing the right fishing spots, the possibility of catching a sea trout increases.

Great areas for sea trout fishing in Kragerø: 

Jomfruland National Park: The island can offer excellent sea trout fishing from April to October,  and good opportunities in winter.  During the summer you have good chances to even catch a sea bass. 

Portør: Portør offers exciting sea trout fishing all year round. You can fish from the polished rocks, but the bays often provide the best place to lure one on the hook. In some of the slightly sheltered bays, and by several of the many canals, you can spot sea trout swimming over the sandy bottom. 

Stølefjorden: Full of perfect fishing spots,  is also considered as one of the best areas for sea trout in Kragerø. Here you have opportunities for good catches all year round. Especially winter fishing can be exciting. 

Skåtøy: The island has many good fishing spots in the form of small and large coves and rocks with small reefs within casting. Possibilities are good for sea trout fishing around the whole island. A  tip is the place called Hesttangen. 

Kilsfjorden: Has many exciting fishing spots, and can offer good fishing all year round. In winter, ice often settles in parts of the fjord. If you find small bays with shallow water or similar, it is worth a try.


(Do you have questions about fishing equipment, do you need advice and tips? Ole Martin is looking forward to help you.)


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