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Hiking trip to Spellmannsfjellet

Type:Nature trails

Kvennvannsveien, 3766, Sannidal

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You will find lots of great hiking trips in the 'Krokheia' area in Sannidal.

Among them, this particular hike to 'Spellmannsfjellet', with beautiful veiws towards the two lakes 'Lille Grøtvann' and 'Store Grøtvann'.

Drive to Sannidal and towards Kroken and 'Fikkjebakke' (Industrial area). Once you get to the industrial area FIkkjebakke on your right hand side, take the exit, then follow the road until you see a big map by a grit road to your right. At the start of the road there is a parking area. Park here if you want to walk the 3.5 kilomitres to the 'Tourist Cabin' (Turisthytta), before starting your trek to Spellmannsfjellet (approx. 25 min walk/1 kilometre from the Tourist Cabin.)

If you prefer, you can drive to Turisthytta, and park close by. To get here, drive as far as the road will take you, it ends in a carpark. There is a gate/barrier which is usually only open on sundays, but sometimes open every day during high season. You also need to pay a small fee to use this road, so remember to bring some change.

If you choose to walk from the first parking area, you can either walk on the grit road to the cabin, or you can choose a path on your right hand side a bit further up the road from the car park. Look for a sign telling you where to exit from the road into the woods.

To get to Spellmannsfjellet, walk past Turisthytta and keep going a little bit further down to the 'stables'. From here you follow the signs to Spellmannsfjellet. The trek is fearly easy so young children (from age 3-4) will be able to trek with you, although there are some steep areas where they may require some help.

Have a great trek an enjoy the view at the top!




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