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Floating sauna near town centre


Gunnarsholmen, 3770, Kragerø

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Enjoy beautiful views towards Gunnarsholmen Fortress and the sea, while you sit back and relax in the lovely floating sauna. 

If you feel too hot, just step outside and take a refreshing dip in the sea to cool down (by the way - you should know the water here is really fresh and clean all year round). Great for mind, body and soul!

Swimming season was just extended by several moths - now you can go for a swim from early spring to late fall without feeling cold (well, maybe slightly, but only for a short while and then you're back in the hot sauna). If the weather's a bit gloomy, this only adds to the experience. There is nothing like sitting in a nice, warm sauna while watching the rainy evening display outside when fall sets in. 

There is room for up to 14 people in the sauna, which was built in 2021. You can choose a drop-in or a private booking for you and your group to enjoy the sauna all by yourselves.

There is a changing room available, however there is no shower facilities (yet). There are however showers nearby at Gunnarsholmen, however make sure to check they are open. 





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Tel: 476 12 421

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