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The industrial promenade in Notodden

Type:City hiking

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Difficulty: Easy
Fits everyone
Type: Hiking, Trail

A two km long hiking trail that stretches along Heddalsvannet has now been established as the Industrial Promenade. The stretch is a gem in the meeting between industrial city and nature. The industrial promenade is a development project that aims to disseminate industrial history, contribute to better public health and not least make Notodden an even better place to both live and visit.

Locally produced benches in wood and steel have been set up from Bok and Blueshuset and to Nesøya motorhome camping. Lighting has just been set up for the promenade from Bok and Blueshuset to Nesøya.

In 2021, there will also be a sculpture park next to the traverse cranes called TRE. This is made by the artist Erik Pirholt and is a nearly ten meter high tree in steel, with roots with human characteristics.


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