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Cultural-historical walk in magical surroundings at Skåtøy Island

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Skåtøyveien 91, 3780, Skåtøy

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Welcome to to Skåtøy! 

Enjoy a day with local guide and learn more about the beautiful Skåtøy island. The walk starts at Skåtøy church (approx. 30 mins walk on the main road from where the ferry docs - right by the side of the road, you can't miss it!). 

Here you wil get a tour of the church, before seeing- and hearing the story of 'Dønvigs redningsbøye' (Døndvigs lifebuoy). From there you will move on to Helleren - a cave like formation - and Plasshytta, where the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen is said to have met a character he called 'Pesta' (Pest = the Black Death, Pesta was to him the personification of the Black Death). 'Pesta' was an old woman who's real name we don't know, but Kittelsen describes her as being scary looking with a less than kind personality. He later made several drawings of 'Pesta'. 

Next, you will continue on to see the old ice dam, and hear about the industry of shipping blocks of ice to Europe and beyond in past times. You'll also visit Darefjeldkollen, a viewpoint that will give you fantastic views towards Kragerø town centre and many islands. The walk ends at Skåtøyroa, where you can catch the ferry back to Kragerø. (You'll find a time table at fjordbat.no.)

Nice to know

The walk from Skåtøy Church is approx. 3,5 kilometres and will take roughly 2,5 hrs. You will need to be in average physical shape, and be able to make your way through somewhat uneven terrain on various footpaths. Comfortable footwear is recommended.


You can book a spot on a schedualed walk, or get in touch with Skåtøy i farta to arrange a guided walk for your group.

Email: post@skåtoyifarta.no

Phone: 0047 913 79 248







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Tel: 91379248

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