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Historical Trails

Hiking along historical trails

Please join us in a historical walk in beautiful scenery, through the culture and history of Telemark. In Walk Telemark you will find several hiking trails leading you to historic places. Maybe you want to walk The Saboteurs´trail used by the Norwegian resistance men during WWII, when they blew up the heavy water plant at Vemork? Use the miniguide to discover nature and culture along your chosen trail. Here are some suggestions for those who are historically interested. Have a good trip!

5 selected historical walks in Walk Telemark

Number of results:

Number of results: 5

  1. Add In the footsteps of the girls from Rui to your Itinerary

    In the footsteps of the girls from Rui


    A walk packed full of culture and history.

  2. Add Moland Cultural Heritage Trail to your Itinerary

    Moland Cultural Heritage Trail


    The whole trip takes just under one hour at a leisurely pace. The tour is suitable for both families with children and elderly people. Most of the trail is suitable for wheelchair users.

  3. Add Øverbø, Morgedal to your Itinerary

    Øverbø, Morgedal


    You can start this walk at The Norwegian Ski Museum. Make Øverbø your destination, and experience the smallholding that is the birthplace of skiing legend Sondre Norheim: known the world over as the “father of modern skiing”. Here you can see the...

  4. Add The Saboteur's trail to your Itinerary

    The Saboteur's trail


    The Saboteurs' trail is the world-famous route the Norwegian Resistance used during the Second World War.


    Price NOK 5,650.- Events
  5. Add The whetstone walk to your Itinerary

    The whetstone walk


    Exciting walking route from Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg to the historic whetstone quarry.



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