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Toll system

Most toll stations in Norway are automatic and ready to drive through without stop. All vehicles without AutoPASS will have their license plate photographed. If you dont have AutoPASS or a Visitors' Payment contract an invoice will be sent by mail to the owner of the car, at no extra charge. This also applies for foreign vehicles.

You can also pay toll at facilities such as petrol stations close to the toll station within three working days (after passing the toll point). Look for the sign: “Kr-service”.

Some toll stations have AutoPASS-lanes and lanes for manual payment. Please be aware that you risk a fine if you drive through in the AutoPASS-lanes without an AutoPASS or Visitors´ Payment contract.

Pay toll Online with ”Visitors´ Payment”
If you are planning to stay in Norway for less than three months, your are recomended to pay toll using Visitors' Payment, an Online service.

Pay by Autopass
AutoPASS is another way to pay toll in Norway. AutoPASS is an electronic payment system, where you use an AutoPASS tag as the means of payment. Foreign vehicles can also utilise AutoPASS, and thisarrangement is useful if you plan to stay in Norway for more than three months. To get an AutoPASS tag you:

  • Sign an agreement with one of the toll operators in Norway, and get a discount in many toll plazas.
  • You pay a deposit of NOK 200 for the AutoPASS tag.

Each time you pass through a toll station the fee is deducted from your account.
When you leave Norway you can return the AutoPASS tag by standard mail to the toll road operator at the same time as you terminate your agreement. You will then receive your deposit back and any remainder on your account.

You will find more information about "Visitors' payment" and Autopass at