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The Vinje commune is located in the upper part of Telemark and therewith central in South-Norway. The highway E 134 is going across the commune and is the main connection between east and west. In Haukeli meets E-134 the federal road nr. 9 which is going further down to Kristiansand. In Åmot crosses the federal road nr 37 from Kongsberg and Rjukan the federal road nr. 38 coming from Vrådal and Dalen.

Nature for everyone
With an area bigger then the province of Vestfold the Vinje commune is rich of nature and reaches from the wild mountain range where reins deer and snow grouse are living and down to the beautiful and mellow landscape of the old farm land. In Vinje you will also find thunderous rivers, quiet ponds, watercourses full of salmon trout and ample heath land.

Enjoy nature
In Vinje you can explore the wilderness without meeting a single soul.

In the winter time the visitor will find modern ski centres and miles of well prepared cross- country ski tracks.

During summer you can choose between horse riding centre, farm holidays, hiking, and more. The commune has a long tradition when it comes to tourism and visitors can choose between camping huts, caravan places and hotels with high standard.

Living culture and traditions
In Vinje you will find Villages from the Middle Age, petrographs from the Bronze Age and grave hills from the Iron Age as well as a traditional poetry with fairy tales and folk songs till traditional and rock music.

Here in Vinje Henrik Sørensen painted some of his best pictures. And the capital is full of sculptures from Dyre Vaan he once made in Rauland. There are 3 galleries with exhibits of Norwegian artists like Henrik Sørensen, Harald Khihle, Knut Skinnarland, Dyre Vaa, Tor Vaa and Svallaug Svalastoga. Every summer a large number of art and handy craft exhibitions are taking place in Vinje.


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