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Fyresdal is known for its many discoveries from the Viking time, like for example grave hills, relicts from battles and a church for pilgrims which in older days proudly stood north of the city centre.

Fyresdal consists of a number of small villages with its cummunal centre located at the northern part of the Fyres lake. The municipal centre of Fyresdal is Moland. Here is the municipal administration, the school, parish hall, kindergarten, nursing home, Moland church (one of two churches in Fyresdal), Fyresdal parsonage (where Vidkun Quisling was born) as well as many commercial businesses of the commune.

Not far from the centre you will find the airport Western Telemark and a hotel. Right in the city centre lies the Folkesstadbyen a trading and handcraft centre. In the same part you will also find the Fyresdal tavern (from 1890 build in Swiss style) and the Fyresdal town museum which is lying in Øyskogen a collection of protected giant pines.

In the northern direction of the centre along the highway E 355 which is passing the commune in north-southern direction, one is coming to the villages Hegglandsgrend, Veum and Hauggrend. In Hegglandsgrend you will find the remains of the above named pilgrims church (Heggland kyrkje). People came from all over Norway and even Europe to visit the church. It was told that the stream behind the church did have healing powers. Today there are only little remains of the graveyard and the churches wall.

The second of the two churches of Fyresdal is located in Veum. Above Hauggrend sits the highest mountain of Fyresdal, the Roan with a height of 1.192 meter above sea level. Only few kilometres down south in Molandsmoen you will find the Skeidstein an old inscribed runic stone. He is a relict from the Viking times when there was still horse races held in this region.

North of the centre on the west side of the highway you will get to the villages Kleivgrend, Åslandsgrend and Fjellgardene. In Kleivgrend there is the bishop way an old route between Kleivgrend, Finndalen and onward to Tveitebø in Valle. Every year there are offered organized walks, called Bispevegmarsjen, along this way. In the 15th century the Germans where mining the Moisberg in Fjellgardane.

Fyresdal is the most western commune within Telemark and is bordering the communes of Tokke, Kviteseid and Nissedal in Telemark as well as Åmli, Bygland, and Valle in Aust-Agder. From Fyresdal there are busses to Skien and Porsgrunn in Telemark, Arendal in Aust-Agder, Bergen in Hordaland, Haugesund in Rogaland and Oslo. There are also buses every school day between Fyresdal and Dalen, the municipal centre of Tokke.

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