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Notodden – Norway’s blues capital – has a lot to offer.

Notodden is the commercial centre for East-Telemark as well as the industrial- and academic centre. In its former days Notodden was a typical industrial town. All began with the river Tinn which was used for timber floating and where a hydropower station had been built. This led to a growing establishing of saw mills and wood processing. In 1905 began Norsk Hydro with its saltpetre production and development of power stations. Notodden is therefore also called as the cradle of Norsk Hydro.

Not far from the town you will find the Heddal stave church one of biggest and most beautiful stave churches that still exist in Norway today. Other attractions that are worth a visit are the Tinfos kulturmiljø, the collection of Hydros company history, the canal gallery and the Telemark gallery.

Notodden is also called for the Blues Capital as the town attracts thousands of visitors each year to its well known blues festival.