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The Dream Poem - paintings by Karl Erik Harr


Grimdalstunet, Borsævegen 385 a, 3880, Dalen

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Draumkvedet (The Dream Poem)

This is a series of paintings depicting the famous “Draumkvedet” which is reputed to have been sung by Torbjørg Ripilen around the 1890’s, and was described by Moltke Moe. The Ripilen farm is to be found to the northeast of Grimdalen.

The artist Erik Harr has produced a series of powerful pictures depicting this saga from the middle ages, showing the forests and landscape of Telemark.

Opening hours of the gallery at Grimdalstunet

More about The Dream Poem - and a new sound installation av West Telemark Museum Eidsborg


Karl Erik Harr

(b.1940) Lives and works for part of the year at Kjerringøy in Nordland. He has illustrated the works of many writers from the north of Norway from Petter Dass to Knut Hamsun, from Arvid Hansen to Halvdan Sivertsen. He has also written a number of books descrbing the cultural history of Norway. He has produced decoration for three of the coast boats (hurtigruten) which sail the Norwegian coast, together with a number of churches and schools. He has exhibited all over Norway, Europe and in Asia. At Henningsvær you will find his gallery.

Karl Erik Harr is known as a gifted artist whose paintings of northern Norway provoke feelings and thoughts over the landscape and coastal life found here, and in the literature of the area.

The series of paintings based on “Draumkvedet” represents something new in his production. Instead of north Norway, he has turned to the landscape of Telemark and the story of the “Dream Poem” for inspiration. The paintings were edited in a book in 1997.


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Tel: 0047 350 69 090

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