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Winter at Gaustatoppen

Type:Scenic attractions

3660, Rjukan

Add Winter at Gaustatoppen to your Itinerary

Gaustatoppen is just as fantastic at winter as during summer. Gaustabanen enables you to get to the top both with and without skis.

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Gaustatoppen, 1883 meters above sea level, is a pretty sight there it thrones over Rjukan and is covered in snow. 

Highlights at Gaustatoppen
Off- piste
Experience winter at the summit.

The tour up to Gaustatoppen

Gaustabanen opens in week 7 and 8, due to Norwegian winter holiday, and also the whole Easter. Beyond that, Gaustabanen will be open every weekend when snow and weather conditions permit it.

When Gaustabanen is closed, you need to get up on your own. Best route is to go up by Svineroi Seter(mountain farm).

The trip takes approximately 2.5 hours to the top.

The freeride down

A route called Langefonn is marked and designated as safe in terms of avalanches. Please note, however, that all traffic is at your own risk!

Tougher downhills are along the ridge north from the tower. There are seven runs eastward with varying degrees of difficulty and a mean decrease of less than 40 degrees.

NB! Taking the easy way to the top  with Gaustabanen Langefonn is the only route down you can run without a guide.

If you prefer the tougher routes and you want to take Gaustabanen to the top, you are obliged to run down with one of Gaustatoppen 's Adventures guides.

This is something that the Board of Gaustabanen and Tinn Municipality have set as a requirement to be able to transport skiers to Gaustatoppen. This means that if you want to drive in these zones, you must first send a request directly to

This is intended as a preventive measure, in addition to creating added value and security for you as freerider.


We cannot stress it enough, that all traffic to the summit is at your own risk.

Gaustatoppen without skiis

Winter at Gaustatoppen can be a special experience for more than the freeriders. Take Gaustabanen to the top and enjoy a waffle in the sun in 1800 meters altitude. On a clear day the view is fabulous.

Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin is open when Gaustabanen runs.


The road from Svineroi to Tuddal is closed in winter, so it is best to park your car at Svineroi cabin.

You can also take a free bus “Fjellbussen” that runs 5 times a day between Rjukan and Destination Gaustatoppen.


Map & Directions


Tel: 35080550

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