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Oterholtvegen 106, 3802, BØ I TELEMARK

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World Hertage Centre Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage/NIA and Til Telemark A/S offers guided sightseeing buses with qualified guides working according to UNESCOs guidelines and to the standards set by Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum.

Rjukan – Notodden Industrial Heritage is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. Norsk Hydro (1905), known worldwide for the first industrial production of mineral fertilizer at Notodden.

The World Heritage Bus departs daily at 11:00 a.m. from the Bok & Blues House from 8thof July until 4thof August 2017.  Attractions: Telemarksgalleriet/Lysbuen Industrial Museum. Scenic drive along Kanalveien and further on to Grønnbyen to Admini, the administrative office of Norsk Hydro and Hydroparken, where fertilizer was first produced in arc-furnaces, still on display today outside  Ovnshus A.

Tickeds can be purchased at www.bokogblueshuset.no

The bus tours can be ordered through Til Telemark. Contact Til Telemark here.


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Tel: 97 02 02 54

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