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Skii and walking trails in Skien

Type:Winter activities

3724, Skien
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From Skienshallen it is marked trails of 5, 2.5 and 1 km.
The two shortest are in close proximity to Skienshallen.

Lighted trails, 5 km, at Skienshallen, lights turned off at. 23.00.

Lighted trail through the valley to Lundedalen to Cappelskogen starting at Bakken.

Trail with light, 5 km, at Gulsethallen, a circular track at West Gulset. Located in a wooden area.

Tønnestulløypa, 25 km, starting from the Church in Solum. Going in the woods and across fields.

Lighted trail of Jarseng, 10 km. Trail in the woods and across fields.

Lighted trails in Kilebygda.

A short floodlit on the grounds of Åfoss.

30 km long trail in Melum, starting at the sports ground, varied terrain in the woods and over fields


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Svanstul/Luksefjell recreation Area, SkienLuksefjell and Svanstul in the northernmost part of Skien, boasts guaranteed snow, providing opportunities to ski from November to April in the highes mountain areas.

Solumsmarka, SkienWest of the river to Skien and Porsgrunn you find Solumsmarka, one of the most widely used local area.

Ulvskollen in Vest-marka - SKIEN, Skien

Vestmarka - SKIEN, SkienVestmarka is the perfect recreation for the whole family.

Luksefjell - SKIEN, SkienLuksefjell is a very popular place for walking and relaxing in the nature.

Vealøs, SkienVealøs is one of the finest viewpoints in Grenland.

Skrehelle - SKIEN, SkienOne of the most scenic views in Grenland.

Borgeåsen - SKIEN, SkienIn the area Borgeåsen you will find very nice and historical walking trails.