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3915, Porsgrunn

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Floodlit tracks:

Stridsklev floodlit, ca. 2.1 km.
Going partly wooded and partly on the grounds.
Possible to start a number of places, such as ticks earths or the football field at Stridsklev schools.
Light-trail until. 23.00.

Heistad floodlit, ca. 2-3 km.
Starting at Heistad Hall, follows the valley toward the E-18 and the facility to the south of Brattås, back to the starting point via the grave.
Mainly in the suburbs, but also in woodland.
Light in the course until. 23.00.

Bjørkedalen floodlit, about 3.3 km.
Starting at the school in Bjørkedalen. It goes through Lunde, Tvestad and Fløgstad back to school.
Goes above ground and in the woods.
Light between. 16.30 and 22.00.

Jarseng floodlit, 3.3 km, with several loops.
Hiking trails to Horta, Klepp Jarseng and around Jarsengkollen. Altogether there are about. 20 km of ski trails.

Porsløypa on the west side of the city Porgsrunn, ca. 2 km.
Starting in Heigata on the west side and has two loops of different lengths, the shortest is 2 km, the longest that are connected by the shortest, is approx. 4 km.
Lights are on until. 23.00.

Waking trails
​​​​​Stridsklev trail - is an extension of skiing trails, without lights, a total of approx. 8 km.
The trail runs mostly in forests and fields.

Going in both woodland and open fields up past Bjerktvedt and Høgseth and is connected by Kleppløypa at Jarseng.
The trail from Kjølnes and up to the skiing trails at Jarseng is 4.7 km.


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