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Skåtøy Church


3780, Skåtøy

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Skåtøy Church

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Rigt in the middle of Skåtøys narrowest part; located in beautiful surroundings and with a great sea view, lays Skåtøy Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Archipelago. This beautiful church was concecrated in 1862 and is a a long-haul timber-framed building, originally designed with approx. 800 seats. Skåtøy Church is currently sharing a 6th place amongst Norways largest timber-churches.

Beautiful big chandeliers (donated by Jens Lauersøn's Legacy) adorn the church room and Rolf Klemensrud's beautiful glass paintings decorate the walls downstairs and upstairs on the galleries. The organ of the church is an old, venerable and well-preserved Hollenbach organ. The altarpiece is painted by Julie Gjessing and the motif from Mark 1.35 depicts Jesus in prayer. In the winter season, from Christmas to Easter, the church's "winter church" is used for religious services and other events. It is located on the 2nd floor behind the organ gallery.

The Cathedral of the Archipelago witnessed a time when many of the islands in Kragerø were populated and commercial industry mainly consisted of agriculture, fishing, mining, ice-export and shipping. For a long period (1877-1960) the church was also the main church of the township of Skåtøy; consisting of the mainland area around Kragerø town, as well as several other islands in the archipelago, including Jomfruland and Langøy.

The church organizes religious services, concerts and exhibitions that are worth a visit. These are events that are very popular among the archipelago's many tourists and residents.



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Tel: 35 98 63 61

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