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Pb 4, 3833, Bø i Telemark

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Bø Sommarland water park, The Telemark Canal, Lifjell, Ulefoss Manor, rolling landscape with lots of fruit farms...

Experience the heart of Telemark.

Mid-Telemark is called the garden of Telemark, famous for its apples and cherries growing along the banks of Lake Norsjø. The children’s favourite Bø Sommarland and the Telemark Canal are the biggest tourist attractions in the area, and combined with a number of cultural events and its rich cultural heritage it makes mid-Telemark a perfect place to visit for the whole family.

The primal industry of the commune is mainly farming, forestry as well as the colleges in Telemark and tourism industry. Tourist attractions are Bø Sommarland and Lifjell. Every year august the Telemarksfestival is taking place in Bø. 
The town is a centre for tourism, commerce and education. But Bø is also a traffic junction with a train station for the Sørlandsban and corresponding bus routes. There is a great variety of attractions within short distance of Bø combined with an excellent choice of accommodations. Bø is also surrounded by beautiful nature consisting of mountains, lakes, rivers and forest which makes the region to an attractive travel destination all year round.


The commune of Nome is located at the west side of the Norsjø Lake and around the lower Bandak canal. Nome is Telemark’s second biggest agricultural commune, at the same time has Ulefoss a long tradition in industry.

Nome is also named as the canal commune as 6 of the 8 locks of the Telemark canal are located here. The Vrangfoss locks are the most monumental ones with 5 lock chambers that lift up the boat to a height of 22 meters. The other locks are located in Ulefoss, Eidsfoss, Lunde, Kjeldal and Hogga.


The commune has 2 towns Ulefoss and Lunde.
Ulefoss is the municipal centre with a city hall, medical centre, library, bank, cinema, shops and sports hall as well as different restaurants and cafes. There is also accommodation at Lille Ulefos and the Golf club a little outside the town centre.

In Lunde there is a bank, a library, some cafes, a medical centre and a variety of different shops, a sports hall and a sailplane club. There are accommodation at the Telemark kanalcamping and the Lunde youth hostel. There is also a train station of the Sørlandsbanen.


The municipal is bordering Nome in the south-west, Bø in the west, Notodden in the north, Kongsberg in the east and Skien in the southeast. The highest mountain is Vardefjell with 815 m. The municipal centre is Akkerhaugen. Further known villages in the region are Nordagutu, Gvarv, Hjuksebø and Hørte.

Sauherad is a typical agricultural commune with fruit-growing as one of its main industries. During the summer month the canal boat MS Telemarken is sailing daily from Akkerhaugen. Akkerhaugen is also the administrative centre of Sauherad. 
Gvarv, one of the many small villages is always worth a visit. Along it’s pretty and old main road that is leading right through the village centre you will find many well preserved traditional houses.


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