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Onkel Oskar Bar & Restaurant


P.A. Heuchsgt. 7, 3770, Kragerø

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Restaurant Onkel Oskar in Kragerø seen from the water
  • Restaurant Onkel Oskar in Kragerø seen from the water
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  • interior at Onkel Oskar restaurant in Kragerø
  • sketch of Uncle Oskar restaurant in Krgerø


Welcome to Uncle Oskar
The small and pleasant boathouse in Kragerø, which bears the name Onkel Oskar, is a well-known place for many with its rustic charm and idyllic location by the pier. From the spring of 2021, Uncle Oskar reopened the doors with a new and exciting food concept.

With a desire to get the best from both American bistro and Norwegian summer food, dishes are served from an exciting and tasty menu. On the menu you will find everything from the classic burger, to Waygu steak which is known as one of the world's most exclusive steaks and not least this summer's big hit - watermelon salad. With us, there is a desire to elevate the food and guest experience to a new level.

Come both land and sea
You can get to Uncle Oskar both by land and by sea, and there is "guest parking" for a boat on the pier next to the restaurant. At Uncle Oskar's, we have a desire to contribute to a rich and vibrant environment in the center of Kragerø. With plenty of seating on the pier or inside the boathouse, Uncle Oskar is a pleasant restaurant suitable for the whole family. 

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Opening hours
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Tel: 484 08 392

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